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March 2013

Improving the customer experience through technology

Social media channels don't necessarily provide everything a business needs to know about customers. This e-book explains the potential failings of social media and how users can overcome those shortfalls.


  • Social media outreach starts with strategy

    Companies don’t always do right by their customers on social media. This e-book chapter will explore how companies misuse social media -- mistaking it for a marketing vehicle -- how they should provide the proper tools to employees and how social processes should be integrated with their systems and functions.

  • Defective mobile applications sully the customer experience

    Mobile applications have become critical connecting points between on-the-go customers and businesses. If a company has a mobile app that isn’t intuitive and helpful, customers will go elsewhere. This e-book chapter will review the technologies and practices needed to create a successful mobile app.

  • Marketing through effective social CRM strategy

    Social media users and IT consultants hold the keys to launching an effective social CRM strategy. Readers will find expert insight on how to best maximize a marketing message in a sea of social media in this chapter of our e-book, Improving the Customer Experience Through Technology. Also get advice on the social marketing tools that work best for different companies.

  • Customer experience consistency key to successful CRM

    The age of the isolated call center is over. Organizations need to give customers a number of ways to reach them -- websites, mobile apps, Short Message Service, social media, the phone. But multichannel retailers, utilities and government agencies need to spread the information around if they are going to offer excellent customer service and keep people coming back.

    In this chapter of our e-book series Improving the Customer Experience Through Technology, CRM professionals explain what it takes to maintain a single view of a customer’s history and contact information, how multichannel organizations keep all that data in order -- and how they keep it from falling into the wrong hands.


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