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May 2014

Contact center technologies combat customer frustration with automation

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This chapter is included in the Forging the path to tomorrow's CRM E-Book.

Can automation improve the customer experience? Some say it can by creating a standardized, consistent experience. Automation technologies like interactive voice response, virtual agents and automatic call distributors were created to do so. Why then are companies -- Discover Financial Services among them -- trying to avoid them?

In this e-book chapter, readers will learn why automation technologies -- regardless of intent -- don't work for every situation. While they don't bother a customer who calls to check an account balance, they frustrate callers who have specific questions about a product. Next, we look at frequently automated components of customer service, such as IVRs and virtual agents, and why some of them have succeeded -- and are still in heavy use -- while others haven't. Finally, we circle back to the biggest problem facing contact centers today: identifying situations that should never be automated -- places where the human touch is still necessary.

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