database of record (DBOR)

A database of record (DBOR) is a repository for centralized storage of information about objects or people. This type of database is commonly maintained by businesses to store information about subscribers, clients or customers, facilitating optimal service-oriented management (SOM). Examples of DBOR applications include use by:

  • Internet search engines or Web sites to track user behavior for targeted promotions.
  • Manufacturers to keep track of supplies and product information.
  • Wholesale and retail vendors to keep track of inventory.
  • Hospitals and clinics to manage patient information.
  • Retail stores to keep track of customer shopping habits.

Advantages of using a DBOR to centralize customer data include:

  • Tailoring services to individual users or subscribers.
  • Targeting special promotions to customers most likely to respond.
  • Optimizing customer services and technical support.
  • Personalizing the customer-vendor relationship.

In addition to customer-service applications, a DBOR can be used by law enforcement, security and military agencies to keep track of crime suspects and other potentially dangerous individuals or organizations.

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