chief experience officer (CXO)

Contributor(s): Rachel Lebeaux

A chief experience officer (CXO) is an executive who ensures positive interactions with an organization's external customers. The job title "chief experience officer" is increasingly replacing that of Chief Customer Officer in retail and entertainment industries and Chief Activity Officer in healthcare and travel.

A chief experience officer communicates the value proposition of the organization using the customers' language, interacting with the customer through their preferred communications channels to ensure a positive customer experience. In the enterprise, the CXO oversees a team that monitors these interactions and assures that the company is adequately responding to complaints, concerns and suggestions for improvement. Corporations interact with their customers through many avenues, including social media platforms and customer-feedback forum; the CXO integrates these channels to ensure a smooth flow of usable information between the enterprise and its user base.

Because of the constant flow of usable information, the CXO consistently directs responses to user needs, which often involves employing data analytics teams to digest various forms of communication and customer information, as well as social media management sofware and teams. Many CXOs also rely on an executive dashboard to monitor these resources and extract customer intelligence useful to the business.

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