call center schedule adherence

What is call center schedule adherence?

Call center schedule adherence is a common metric used in the call center to determine whether or not call center agents are working the amount of time they are scheduled to work.

Schedule adherence is measured by taking the total time a call center agent is available for call work and dividing it by the time they are scheduled to work, expressed as a percentage. Call center schedule adherence can take into account time spent on breaks or doing other, non-call related work (this is called "compliance"). Most call centers define a target schedule adherence percentage that allows for some cushion time beyond the known scheduled lunch and break times.

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How often is this measurement used?
just for the week

This is a good definition of adherence. I would add that any calculation of adherence that cannot distinguish between an agent taking a break or meal late because they were doing their job (ie on the phone with a customer) vs other reasons for not taking a break or meal on time is doing more harm than good.

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