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Contributor(s): Lauren Horwitz

A brand ambassador is an advocate of a particular company's products and services. Typically, brand ambassadors are financially compensated for interacting with the public. Compensation may be in the form of discounts, free access to products and events or an actual paycheck.

In marketing, brand ambassador is a paid position and job title. The purpose of hiring a brand ambassador is to grow brand relevance, ensure proper product or service positioning and drive increased sales within a specific territory or segment of targeted accounts. Typically, this type of brand ambassador is responsible for driving brand growth against specific key performance indicators (KPIs) and the metrics for success are data-driven.

In sales, the term brand ambassador is used more loosely and may be used to describe anyone in the company who interacts directly with the public. In a retail setting, for example, an ambassador's responsibilities may include personally greeting visitors, providing visitors with information about products and product maintenance, ringing up sales and gathering customer feedback to share with the leadership team.

Brand ambassadors have become increasingly trusted sources of information, as the age of the customer has gained currency. To that end, many companies solicit part-time brand ambassadors to promote positive customer sentiment in stores, on websites and at events. Tasks may include organizing and hosting retail demonstrations, coordinating display areas with local store managers, reviewing products online and blogging about how a particular company provides a positive customer experience.

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How does your company foster brand ambassadors?
Dogfooding. The company I work for encourages its employees to “live the brands,” not just work for them. That means use the brands in your personal life. By doing that, you’ll see the benefits the provide and want to let people know where you work, that you are proud and excited to work there, and show them how our brands can help enrich their day-to-day lives.


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