Salesforce Trailhead

Contributor(s): Lauren Horwitz

Trailhead is a series of online tutorials that coach beginner and intermediate developers who need to learn how to code for the Salesforce platform. Trailhead education, which was launched in 2014, comes in three levels: trails, modules and units. Lessons are presented in a specific sequence, so customers have a predefined path to follow and a "guided, curated" experience, according to Salesforce.

Trailhead helps developers migrate from Salesforce Classic to Lightning Experience, the modern development platform, which provides a great deal of declarative code so coding can be standardized and user-friendly. Modules show users how to program in Apex, JavaScript and Visualforce.

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The learning program is designed to help users by providing a series of interactive assessments to identify whether learners have learned the content. Gamification is built into the Trailhead program, so developers can also earn badges for milestones reached in their Trailhead education.

This was last updated in June 2020

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