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Salesforce AppExchange is's cloud computing marketplace through which end users can access, download and install software apps.

AppExchange offers a mix of free and paid apps organized into collections, categories and industry solutions that encompass a variety of fields, including small business, customer service, education, manufacturing and real estate. Launched by in 2005, the AppExchange website became the first public directory of its kind. 

Two popular apps available on Salesforce AppExchange are LinkedIn for Salesforce, which allows users to view LinkedIn profiles alongside account information stored in Salesforce and Outlook Integration for Salesforce, which enables users to view Salesforce data directly in Microsoft Outlook.

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This was last updated in October 2012

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I work for a software company that is looking to be on the App Exchange. My question is, do you have to integrate with Salesforce to be on there, or can you have a model that acts independently of Salesforce and just have visibility in the app exchange? Thanks so much
I'm working as a salesman. this article is very helpful to improve my knowledge. we are very thankful to you. 
nice article i could ever imagine, Thank you so much 

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