Apex Connector Framework

The Apex Connector Framework is a set of classes and methods in the DataSource namespace for creating a custom adapter for Salesforce Connect. The framework allows developers to create a custom adapter that can connect data stored outside an organization's Salesforce organization when the other available Salesforce Connect adapters do not meet the organization's needs.

There are several key concepts that help Apex Connector Frameworks work more effectively. Those concepts are as follows:

  • External IDs for Salesforce Connect External objects
  • Authentication for Salesforce Custom Connect Adaptors
  • Callouts for Salesforce Connect Custom Adaptors
  • Paging with the Apex Connector Framework
  • queryMore with Apex Connector Framework
  • Aggregation for Salesforce Connect Custom Adaptors
  • Filters in the Apex Connector Framework
This was last updated in August 2016

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