• October 17, 2007 17 Oct'07

    Mobile CRM basics

    This section of the Sales Force Automation Learning Guide features an introduction to mobile CRM, including benefits of mobile technology and case studies of mobile success.  Continue Reading

  • October 17, 2007 17 Oct'07

    Salesforce Automation Learning Guide

    This sales force automation (SFA) guide covers critical components of building and managing a successful and effective sales force. Learn how to get started with a sales strategy, the most important things to evaluate in sales force automation ...  Continue Reading

  • October 17, 2007 17 Oct'07

    Evaluating sales force automation (SFA) software vendors

    In this section of the sales force automation (SFA) guide, review top vendors and options including hosted SFA to help you decide if SFA is the right choice for your organization.  Continue Reading

  • October 05, 2007 05 Oct'07

    A CRM business case can ensure success post-implementation

    Businesses that take the time to build a business case and carefully measure ROI have better success with their CRM projects, according to Gartner.  Continue Reading

  • October 01, 2007 01 Oct'07

    CRM integration: Top five headlines

    These top CRM integration headlines will update you on the latest in integrating and managing customer data with CRM. We've collaborated with our colleagues at SearchDataManagement.com to offer a complete picture of the latest in CRM integration ...  Continue Reading

  • October 01, 2007 01 Oct'07

    Web 2.0: Top ten buzzwords

    Read the top definitions related to Web 2.0, the advanced Web that is creating a more interactive and participatory internet. Web 2.0 affects how customers relate to their businesses, and continually evolving technologies ensure that Web 2.0's ...  Continue Reading