• October 19, 2006 19 Oct'06

    Oracle and SAP's vertical CRM battle a narrow one

    The fight for vertical CRM expertise rages on, but SAP and Siebel are going mostly against best-of-breed and homegrown tools, not each other, with some important exceptions.  Continue Reading

  • October 18, 2006 18 Oct'06

    SaaS and on-demand CRM: Building a business case

    If you're considering on-demand CRM, take the time to make sure it will yield quantifiable business improvements. In this business case for Software as a Service (SaaS) CRM, contributor Dan Merriman outlines the questions an organization should ask ...  Continue Reading

  • October 18, 2006 18 Oct'06

    Numara answers the call for help desk support company

    Executives at My Computer Works turned to FootPrints to ease their growing pains. They say they have continued to get the support they need after UniPress was acquired by Numara.  Continue Reading

  • October 17, 2006 17 Oct'06

    Incremental Revenue (Value) Analysis

    Incremental Revenue (Value) Analysis is a process used to calculate the value of each agent in a call center.  Continue Reading

  • October 17, 2006 17 Oct'06

    Digital Signage (dynamic signage)

    Digital signage, also called dynamic signage, is a specialized form of slivercasting in which video or multimedia content is displayed in public places for informational or advertising purposes... (Continued)  Continue Reading

  • October 17, 2006 17 Oct'06

    Cost Per Call

    In a call center, cost per call is a numerical metric calculated by dividing the total operational costs by the total number of calls for a given period of time... (Continued)  Continue Reading

  • October 17, 2006 17 Oct'06

    callback messaging

    Callback messaging, in a call center context, is a service that allows callers to leave a message (usually personal contact information, either spoken or through the number pad) so that an agent can call them back and they retain their place in the ...  Continue Reading