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Windows 2000 Datacenter Server certification

How is Onyx leveraging the exclusive Windows 2000 Datacenter Server certification to show that Onyx can help enterprise customers?
Windows 2000 Datacenter certification is a testament to Onyx's commitment to leveraging best-of-breed server technologies and our ability to support large organizations. Specifically, certification validates that our technology leverages the advanced capabilities of the Windows 2000 platform including clustering, load balancing, and symmetric multi-processing, all key decision criteria for enterprise customers. In conjunction with this the certification validates that Onyx can:

* Run in environments with physical addressable memory between up to 64GB.
* Install and run on 32 processor systems.
* Provide 24 and 48 hour stability under stress testing on 32 processor machines and clustered environments.

We're finding that the Windows 2000 Datacenter certification helps to differentiate us from our competitors by providing tangible evidence that our platform is the right choice for deploying scalable and reliable business applications. We are also finding that the certification is important to large hosting/ASP partners and tier-one systems integrators. As you pointed out above, Onyx remains the only business application that is certified on Windows 2000 Datacenter.

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