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Will Oracle support Siebel and our homegrown database for long?

Is Oracle commited to Siebel support? Read William Band's take in this expert tip.

We are running Siebel on a non-Oracle, homegrown database. Can we still expect support from Oracle, now that it's extended its support program to Siebel products?
Oracle has pledged unlimited support for the CRM products it has acquired through acquisition, including Siebel. Proof of the commitment to Siebel is the soon to be released Siebel 9.0, which demonstrates continued investment in the product line. Oracle also claims it will support non-Oracle databases associated with Siebel customer environments. But, the older your version of Siebel and the more customized your application and database integrations, the more at risk you may be that the promised support may not apply in your specific situation.

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