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Will Microsoft Live be able to compete with Salesforce.com?

When can you expect to see Microsoft Live on the market? Richard Smith gives his prediction for the new hosted product, Microsoft's answer to Salesforce.com.

What are your thoughts on CRM Live, the new hosted CRM product Microsoft is testing? When do you think we can expect to see this on the market?
CRM Live, Microsoft's hosted version of Dynamics CRM, is scheduled to be available in mid-2007. CRM Live is one of three deployment options that Microsoft is offering, including on-premise installation, partner hosted solutions, and Microsoft hosted.

CRM Live is, by all counts, Microsoft's direct competition against Salesforce.com's dominance in the hosted CRM market. Given Microsoft's incredible integration with Microsoft Exchange and Outlook and the lower monthly per user price point, CRM Live is likely to quickly become a challenging competitor in the hosted CRM market.

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