Why do call centers use courtesy calls?

Learn the three types of courtesy calls and why call centers use them in this expert response.

How and why do call centers use courtesy calls? Can you provide some examples of courtesy calls? Are those calls monitored for quality as other calls would be?

Enterprises make outbound courtesy calls for numerous reasons, such as to confirm appointments, remind customers that a payment is due, or as a follow-up to ensure that customers are satisfied with their products or services. A "loyalty" call is another type of courtesy call where an organization calls customers to make them aware of special programs such as sales and special marketing programs or events, or to acknowledge their birthday or membership anniversary. A third courtesy call category is "welcome" calls, where an organization calls out to new customers to welcome them and explain their offerings. Courtesy calls are a proactive way for enterprises to reach out to their customers, reinforcing customer value and building customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Quality calls are those that have been evaluated by a supervisor or quality assurance analyst and have met most, if not all, of an enterprise's established quality monitoring (QM) criteria. QM evaluation criteria typically address the following for agents:

  • Communication and problem resolution skills
  • Product, procedure and system knowledge
  • Verification skills
  • How well agents meet compliance requirements
  • Ability to properly address call mechanics (call open/close, hold and transfer procedures)
  • First call resolution rates

    To ensure service delivery excellence and provide a consistent customer experience, a percentage of all call types – inbound, outbound, service, sales, collections and courtesy calls – should be subjected to the QM process.

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