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Why Web real-time communications helps omnichannel customer experience

WebRTC is open source code that could make a measurable difference in omnichannel customer experience.

Web real-time communications (WebRTC) is open source code that supports real-time voice, text and video communications capabilities in Web browsers.

With WebRTC, customers can initiate phone calls, chat sessions, and video contacts directly from an organization’s website. This technology continues to expand how customers can communicate with organizations, therefore adding another viable path supporting the customer journey.

Consider a customer researching formal dresses on an organization’s website and after completing their initial research, has additional questions.  With WebRTC, the customer can initiate a video call from the website to an agent trained to provide additional information about the dress, show the actual dress and its detailed stitching, and then process the sale.

Organizations and specifically contact centers receive many potential benefits from WebRTC including:

Issues persist with WebRTC, including data security concerns and the ability to be supported on all browsers.

As organizations continue to accept and implement WebRTC, these issues need to be addressed and the use of WebRTC will continue to grow as a continuing enhancement to the customer experience.

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