Where can I purchase call center lists?

Purchasing lists for an outbound call center is easy, says Donna Fluss, but it's important to learn which calling lists are valuable and have current and accurate prospect information. Learn where to purchase lists in this expert tip.

We are an outbound sales development call center. We are getting into new product lines and thus we'll need new lists to prospect into. Do you have any suggestions on where to purchase call center lists?
There are a lot of firms that sell call center lists. The challenge is figuring out which lists are valuable and have current and accurate information. The only way to do that is to ask for a sample – which you pick – and test it. Keep in mind that no list will be perfect.

Here are the names of two firms that sell call center lists. However, I have not used these lists and therefore...

cannot vouch for them.

1. Contact Babel
2. Call Center Consultants: 781-740-2772

Additionally, some Web sites that specialize in call center content may also be willing to sell their lists. These firms include:

1. Contact Center World
2. ICMI/Call Center Magazine
3. TMCNet

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