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Where can I find an independent CRM consultant?

Expert Paul Greenberg reveals the best places to find an independent CRM consultant.

I am evaluating CRM software and I have narrowed my targets to three vendors. How do I find an experienced independent CRM consultant to help me make a decision?
There are many experienced consultants who can help you choose a CRM software vendor. Before looking for a CRM consultant, here is a quick explanation of what you should be prepared to discuss with a consultant.

First, the consultant would want to know what your customer strategy looks like and if you have consulted with...

your customers, partners and suppliers to find out what would be valuable to them. When selecting CRM software with a contemporary strategy in place, there is an ecosystem, or extended value chain, to consider that encompasses not just your operational needs but your customers need for engagement, transparency and collaboration. You must also consider the impact that your choices are going to have on your business partners, suppliers and vendors. How important all of this is depends on what kind of business you are in. The consultant will also want to know whether you've examined and refined your business processes with an eye to the present and future of your business. They will discuss with you the impact that your business processes have on your customers, the value they bring to your customers and the impact your customer may have on your business processes.

Once you've thought this through, a consultant can help you evaluate CRM and select a CRM software vendor.

If you're willing to consider all of this, I would suggest looking for a CRM consultant to help with vendor selection in the following places. The CRM Association has a list of certified consultants. You can also email me and I'll see what I can do to help you.

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