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What's the difference between CRM and database marketing?

What's the difference between CRM and database marketing? Find out why database marketing is a part of CRM and how to optimize marketing initiatives with CRM.

What's the difference between CRM and database marketing? Which is more important during the marketing process...

for a company?

Database marketing would be viewed as a piece of CRM. In that sense, you cannot do database marketing without CRM, but you could do CRM without database marketing. A simple way to think of CRM is that it includes all the sales, marketing and customer services initiatives of the organization. As such, database marketing is a key piece of a broader CRM initiative, and usually the most important part of a technology-enabled marketing initiative. Often, the marketing database is the cornerstone of a broader CRM initiative, as it should include the most complete view of the customer relationship, and often contains modeled data that is valuable for other initiatives, such as telemarketing. The marketing efforts that this database produces often are geared to one channel (direct mail, although increasingly electronic channels are also included), and serve to compliment marketing initiatives through other channels.

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