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What's the best help desk application?

In this expert tip, Paul Greenberg compares help desk applications from RightNow Technologies and Remedy.

Do you know if there are rankings or comparisons available of PeopleSoft vs. RightNow Technologies vs. Remedy?
Unfortunately, there aren't any that are currently valid -- for multiple reasons. First, PeopleSoft is now part of Oracle and its being merged into the Fusion product that's due out at some time next year, so it doesn't have an independent existence.

Second, RightNow is an on-demand application. Lastly, Remedy, despite their claims, doesn't fall into CRM. If you're looking for a help desk application, Remedy does a good job of being that, but they offer no more than that. PeopleSoft doesn't have help desk, and RightNow does, but their application is much more than that. PeopleSoft has multiple applications in their suite, while RightNow and Remedy are much more narrowly defined.

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