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What's the best CRM software for a midmarket sales force?

SearchCRM.com's expert helps a midmarket CIO decide whether on-demand or on-premise SAP CRM software is more appropriate for his group of 75 sales agents.

I'm the CIO for a midsized supermarket chain. We have 75 sales reps. From what I understand about SAP's on-demand CRM product, it is designed for companies with at least 100 customer-facing sales agents. Does that mean it's not a good candidate for a company like mine? Should we be looking at other solutions? Can you suggest a short list?
SAP CRM on demand is suitable for an small or midsized business (SMB) like your company. I am not aware of any limitations on the number of minimum users need to implement SAP CRM on demand.

I know of a SMB that implemented on-premise SAP CRM for 30 end users where the implementation cost was many times more than the costs for an on-demand SAP CRM implementation. One benefit of the SAP CRM on demand solution is that it is available to customers on a per-user, per-month pricing program based on pre-defined scope. The list price starts at $75/month/user and it doesn't lock you into long-term contractual obligations. On-premise SAP CRM licensing is based on the number of users annually which is a static licensing policy. It doesn't offer the flexibility of adjusting the users and using a pay-as-you-use pricing structure.

Additionally, on-premise SAP CRM implementations are complex and consume more man labor -- months of implementation times and sometimes the involvement of external consultants, which both add to the implementation costs. SAP CRM on demand, which is Software as a Service (SaaS), can be installed quickly and implemented much faster than SAP CRM on premise. I think you have the right number of end users to take advantage of SAP CRM on demand if that is the direction you want to take.

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