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What vendors offer effective customer experience survey tools?

Looking for customer experience survey vendors? Read Paul Greenberg's advice in this expert tip.

One of this year's goals at my company is to get automated customer surveying up and running. Can you offer some suggestions for strong customer experience survey vendors to add to our list of candidates?
Sorry, but it depends on what you're trying to do. I would need to know the scale of the project, how complex the customer surveys need to be, what kind of data you want to gather, whether mobile capability is important, how many channel you'd like to distribute in, etc. Also, are you looking for surveying tools just to develop surveys or, at a much more sophisticated level, to develop a way of measuring the customer experience? For the former, there are too many to catalog; for the latter, I'd look at Responsetek -- one vendor of customer experience surveys --among a handful.

Sorry I can't be any more detailed than that, but I just don't have enough information. If you'd like a more detailed answer, please email me at paul-greenberg3@comcast.net

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