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What to cover during a quality monitoring review in the call center

Donna Fluss outlines what to evaluate during a quality monitoring (QM) review in the call center in this tip.

What are some important things to cover in a quality monitoring (QM) review of administrative work tasks, such as completing a work order or a trouble ticket? I can think of two: appropriate documentation and work order accuracy.
A quality monitoring review of administrative work tasks should evaluate a number of categories. As you already mentioned, appropriate documentation and work order accuracy are two important elements of a quality review process. I would suggest that you consider the following additional measures:

Communication skills: If the administrative task involves speaking with an external or internal customer, the quality review should include an evaluation of the agent's or clerk's communication skills and professionalism. If the administrative task involves writing emails or customer letters, your quality monitoring (QM) program should measure these skills.

Probing skills: If you have a standard checklist of questions that agents are required to ask when filling out a form, then a quality review should include a section to determine if the established procedures were followed.

Routing/escalation/prioritization: This section of the quality review would determine if the agent/clerk routed a work request or form to the correct area and assigned the correct priority/severity level.

Time frames: An important consideration in any service interaction is setting appropriate customer expectations. This includes providing a time frame when customers can expect their issues to be resolved. A QM evaluation can assess how well an agent has complied with this procedure.

Follow-up: If the established process requires a follow-up call to ensure that an issue has been resolved to the customer's satisfaction before the ticket or work order is closed, this should also be included as part of the quality review.

A number of QM/recording vendors, including Autonomy/etalk, NICE and Verint, have back-office modules to handle administrative tasks. Some of these applications also include workflows for tracking the status and age of all open items.

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