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What makes Siebel CRM stand out against other CRM suites?

Expert William Band talks about Siebel CRM's stand-out features as well as it's drawbacks.

What are special features or deliverables that Siebel CRM has which makes it a better CRM package as compared to other CRM packages? I'm trying to build a business case for Siebel for management.
Siebel's new owner, Oracle, is intent on sustaining the Siebel leadership position in the CRM market. Along with Oracle's Siebel CRM for enterprise customers the product family includes Oracle's Siebel On Demand and Oracle's Siebel CRM Professional Edition for the midmarket. The Siebel product for enterprise-class customers has achieved best-of-breed status for most CRM functionalities, with the exception of customer service and eCommerce. It also boasts good industry vertical adaptations. However, application complexity, high cost, and lengthy implementation schedules are drawbacks. The product is best suited for buyers who value advanced functionality tailored for specific industries, customer insight through strong analytics and customer data management, and the ability to support global organizations.

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