What custom WFM reports should we have developed for our new system?

Learn what WFM reports are most important in a workforce management system. Key call center reports will measure shrinkage, talk time and more.

We are having a workforce management (WFM) system installed in our call center. As a call center manager, what are some types of reports I should request from the vendor, in order to maximize our use of the system?
Most call center workforce management (WFM) vendors offer a large number of standard reports with their systems. Depending upon the complexity of your call center and your needs, you may also want some custom reports. Most vendors will develop custom reports for an additional fee.

Generally, you will want reports which will help you plan and measure your success against your plan. Typical reports show predicted versus actual results on volume, average handle time (talk time and wrap-up time) and staffing levels. Another key report is schedule adherence. You will also want to measure whether the shrinkage factors originally used to develop your schedule and forecast, such as absenteeism, unproductive time, training time and vacation time were accurate.

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