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What can SMBs expect from SalesforceIQ for Small Business?

Salesforce announced changes to Group Edition at Dreamforce 2015: SalesforceIQ for Small Business. What's the nature of the upgrade?

Salesforce bought RelateIQ, and the vendor is transferring its engine and guts into the entry edition of CRM. RelateIQ is now basically the underpinning for SalesforceIQ for Small Business.

Salesforce got rid of the Group Edition of its CRM system, which started at $25 per user, per month, and replaced it with SalesforceIQ for Small Business, which is, basically, a much more robust entry system than Group Edition. It has the intelligence baked in, as well as the core CRM functionality. Now, it delivers more intelligence and insight -- even at the low end of Salesforce's CRM scale -- right to those businesses just starting out or smaller in scale.

But it's giving them much more for $25 than what they were getting with Group Edition. It provides more opportunities for companies to get started with Salesforce or CRM, giving them a migration path for the more premium editions. And it integrates with other aspects of Salesforce functionality much easier than Group Edition did. From the small and medium-sized business (SMB) perspective, that could potentially be a really big deal.

At the low end, there are a growing number of different cloud-based CRM systems and services. A lot of small businesses weren't sure Salesforce was interested in them anymore, because Group Edition really didn't offer the same value as some of the other available systems. But with SalesforceIQ for Small Business, that has changed, because you're paying the same amount, but you're getting a lot more now than you did in the past. That may cause smaller businesses to take another look now that Salesforce is putting a bit more emphasis on SMBs, rather than enterprises.

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