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What call center software are Fortune 500 companies using?

Choosing call center software isn't easy, but Donna Fluss offers some tips to follow as you're evaluating CRM and call center vendors in this expert tip.

Is there a way to identify which CRM software the Fortune 500 companies are using for their call centers?
There are hundreds of CRM software providers in the market and new ones keep emerging. Some claim to address the complete suite of CRM functionality, including sales, marketing, service and e-commerce. Other vendors address a subset of these capabilities. Contact centers use more than 50 different "CRM" applications and systems.

Once you identify the type of CRM functionality that interests you, I suggest compiling a list of vendors who provide this capability. Be sure to address vendors that provide premise-based and hosted offerings. Then check each vendor's Web site and press releases to find the names of their clients. Additionally, call the call center software vendors and ask. They are generally very happy to provide a list of their customers.

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