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What call center events or conferences should we attend?

Get an overview of the U.S.-based call center conferences and trade shows that call center professionals should attend and view a listing of upcoming call center events.

My offshore call center outsourcing company is interested in attending a call center trade show where we can meet U.S.-based call centers and outsourcers. Do you recommend any specific call center events or trade shows we should attend?
There are a number of call center trade shows that you could attend, depending on the time frame you are considering. Here's a list of upcoming call center events.

And here are some U.S.-based call center shows:

2. ICMI Call Center Demos
3. Customer Care and Service Forum (CCSF)
4. SpeechTek
5. VoiceCon
6. Frost and Sullivan Mind Xchange
7. Gartner CRM Summit

Another approach would be to attend the user conferences of call center technology vendors.

I suggest that you contact the trade show organizers and request an information package about the participants. This should help you decide which shows to attend.

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