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What are the SAP enhancement packages for SAP CRM?

Get the basics about the SAP enhancement packages available for SAP CRM customers. Learn about SAP's EHP strategy and how it impacts SAP CRM 7.0 customers.

I just read that SAP has released enhancement packages for CRM through Business Suite 7. Can you tell me more about these enhancement packages, specifically for CRM?
The SAP enhancement packages help customers run stable CRM systems and still get new functionality that was previously available only with a complete upgrade. SAP's enhancement package (EHP) strategy for CRM is flexible enough to allow customers to decide which available functionalities should be installed and activated. The EHP strategy is great for adding new business functionality without causing the disruptions that traditionally follow an upgrade. However, customers running CRM releases prior to 7.0 should upgrade to CRM 7.0 to take advantage of the EHP strategy.

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