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What NetSuite's IPO means for SaaS and on-demand CRM

Expert Denis Pombriant offers his take on NetSuite's recent IPO announcement and what it means for the SaaS and on-demand CRM market.

What do you think of NetSuite's recent announcement of their proposed initial public offering (IPO)? What does it mean for the company's future in the Software as a Service (SaaS) market? Do you think it's too soon for them to go public?
Well, I am not a financial analyst, so when it comes to discussing the NetSuite IPO I am not the best person to discuss all angles. That said, I think having another company from the dot-com era reach this level is great. It also does a lot to help validate the on-demand model of CRM. Keep in mind that we aren't simply discussing an alternative delivery model for CRM; on-demand is a paradigm shift that is disrupting enterprise computing, so NetSuite's IPO is another proof point of the model's soundness.

Generally, companies go public when they need more capital for growth and when they have sufficiently proven themselves as revenue generators. Whether it's too early or not for NetSuite's IPO (I happen to think it's a decent time for NetSuite to offer stock, but that's just my opinion) is something that the marketplace is the final judge on.

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