What CRM architecture is similar to Vantive software?

Expert Paul Greenberg answers a reader's question about migrating to a CRM architecture that is similar to Vantive software.

We have our CRM application implemented in Vantive 8.5.3. Since this product is no longer supported by PeopleSoft,...

we are looking for migration options. Could you suggest a similar architecture we can migrate to?

Honestly, the Vantive architecture, while good for the era, doesn't have much value today at all. There is no similar architecture because Vantive as a separate product hasn't existed for nearly a decade. What I would suggest is not to look for something that is similar to Vantive software – though if you must, PeopleSoft CRM, now owned by Oracle, is the successor to Vantive (Vantive features were baked in, though the architecture is different). There are migration tools out there that will handle the data migration for you, but I would suggest starting fresh with a "no baggage" approach at this point.

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