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Web data technologies

Compared with customer data from CRM & ERP, how important is Web behavior data in SAS's products? What special Web data technologies are in SAS's products?
Practicing true CRM initiatives, one needs to consolidate customer related data from ALL possible sources including back-office ERP systems and the Web (plus data from the sales channel, customer service area, external sources, etc.) So if one wants to gain a comprehensive understanding of who their customers are and what they need, Web behavior data is equally important to data pulled from other areas.

SAS' CRM solutions include technology that captures data generated by customer visits to a company's Web site. The technology allows for this data to be used for specific analysis related to the website effectiveness such as identifying
- usage trends
- paths followed before making a purchase
- customer conversion trends
- most popular/least popular pages
- most effective/least effective advertising
- etc

The technology also allows for the broader use of this website-data by consolidating it with other customer-related data in SAS' CRM Solutions to be used for analysis and creation of intelligence to enhance customer interactions.

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