Using the customer database to provide good customer experiences

Expert Lior Arussy offers advice on how to use a company's customer database to provide positive customer experiences.

What are the benefits of a customer database in an organization? How can we or should we use our database in providing...

good experiences to customers?

The customer database is the backbone of your relationship with the customer. Think about it as your brain. It is where you store your knowledge about the customer, use it to sell and service him and anticipate his needs. The more you collect in the customer database, the better you can fit your solution to his needs and the higher the likelihood of doing business with the customer.

To drive better experience, the customer database should serve as a repository of information shared by everyone in the organization. So no matter where the customer calls within the organization, everyone is fully informed and the customer does not need to repeat his issue (major dissatisfaction factor). Additionally, the more information you collect about your customer (e.g., birthdays) the more personalized your experience. The more personalization you can factor into the experience, the more loyal your customer will become.

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