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Using SAP XI to integrate SAP CRM with Oracle

Expert Srini Katta offers advice on Oracle integration with SAP CRM using SAP XI.

I read on a discussion board that SAP CRM can be integrated with Oracle applications using SAP XI. How can this be done? What interface is required in SAP XI to integrate with Oracle?
There are several key components to consider for Oracle application and SAP CRM integration, and a few ways to perform the integration.

Communication in SAP XI is interface based. There are two types of interfaces:

Outside-in: You create the relevant interfaces from the Oracle system in the integration builder.

Inside-out: The functions that are to be called using SAP XI already exist in Oracle. This requires using the integration builder in XI.

You configure the cross-system Oracle to SAP processes for an existing system landscape. The configuration describes how the integration server is to process inbound messages and to which receiver or receivers messages are sent. Various engines are involved in message processing on the integration server.

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