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Usabilty criteria and customer loyalty

What is your opinion on the role usabilty criteria plays on a Web site user interface and how essential is it to Customer Loyalty? What other UI criteria is important to Customer Loyalty?
Usability can be pretty complex, and it has a lot to do with repeat use of a site. The site owner wants continued use by surfers, but for viewers/visitors, this means the ability to get where they want to go on the site, find the information they need, and do what they want to do. Ease of navigation, download time (driven by the number and complexity of graphics), general graphic design (that doesn't get in the way of usability), quality and legibility of graphics, search capability, task time, i.e. speed, and ease of finding information, are key. Even more subjective measures, like 'fun' to use the site, are important to surfers and have a lot to do with their desire to use sites again.

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