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Upgrading to SAP CRM 5.0: Tips for success

SAP CRM expert Srini Katta advises a reader on the main points to consider for a smooth SAP CRM upgrade.

Can you offer some tips on upgrading to mySAP CRM 5.0? We are considering moving our systems to this version and I'd like an idea of the timeframe we should expect as well as common problems encountered. This is the first upgrade we've done since implementing SAP CRM.
You don't mention the version of the SAP CRM system that is being planned for upgrade to 5.0, so I am not sure if you are asking about the technical upgrade or functional upgrade or both. I'll try to summarize the most important technical and functional upgrade points for SAP CRM here.

1. A direct upgrade is supported from CRM 3.0, CRM 3.1 and CRM 4.0 to CRM 5.0.

2. Follow the SAP upgrade roadmap from your current version to CRM 5.0. SAP provides a detailed roadmap with technical and functional upgrade details.

3. If you are using a CRM 4.0 Service Industry Add-on, the retrofit is handled automatically.

4. IPC is no longer a separate installation but it is part of the SAP Application Platform (AP).

5. All e-commerce functionalities are bundled in Java CRM (JCRM).

6. The shop management is no longer in XML.

7. NetWeaver-based search and classification functionality is available.

8. The IC Webclient profiles are no longer XML based. SAP provided a smooth upgrade to ABAP-based configuration tables. Any customizations done in XML have to be reconfigured. Only those profiles which are assigned to an IC Webclient profile are upgraded.

9. Several new functionalities are available in SAP CRM 5.0.

10. Read all upgrade-related notes and documentation carefully when starting the process.

11. Have a plan and strategy based on your data volume, CRM applications and estimated affordable production downtime.

12. Archive data that is not operationally required in the system before starting the upgrade.

13. Check the hardware compatibility before starting the upgrade.

14. Read the SAP OSS notes that were created to solve the upgrade issues for customers who went through a similar upgrade.

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