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Unhappy with integration solutions from BI vendors

We are not at all satisfied with the integration solutions offered by BI software vendors. Integration to our ERP systems, legacy apps, databases and to our extended enterprise (partners, VIP customers etc, etc.)

The integration solutions from BI vendors tend to be batch oriented and data related only, with no regard for application integration, real time functionality, process integration or the need for complex algorithmic analysis that may require data transformation at the the most complex level. In addition, most of the integration is custom work, leaving us with very little room for agility to change when necessary.

Why don't the BI vendors get more serious about Enterprise Integration? It seems to us that integration is the plumbing that can make BI a lot more valuable real estate. Your thoughts and comments would be very much appreciated.

Integrated solutions over on the BI side are in their infancy and yes, we are seeing a spectrum of value in their offerings. I continue to believe efficiencies drive the market over time and we will see them emerge with both market presence and high integration value.

You are correct about the custom work that is necessary when buying one of these. I've written a series of articles on BI integrated solutions (packaged business intelligence) in DM Review which contain some of my thoughts and comments - pro and con. Here's a link. Look at my most recent articles.

It's hard to get serious in a time of cutbacks, sideways budgets and retrenchments to core competencies and cash cows like we're seeing in the market now. But have patience and watch this space.

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