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Typical implementation cycle

What is the typical implementation cycle of an eCRM venture? Also, what are the roles involved at various stages?
A "typical implementation cycle" might look like this:

Project Initiation Phase: Business Analyst Defines project including costs, business problem, schedules
Project Kick-off Meeting: 1st Steering Committee Meeting (Key team members and stakeholders)
Requirements Phase: Business analysts defines requirements and assumptions (works with project team)
Vendor Analysis & Selection Phase: Business Analysis compares requirements to vendor solutions
Functional Requirements: Business and Systems Analysts produce functional/technical specs and prototypes
Pilot Phase: Prototype "rolled out" to limited project team for "proof of concept" and initial user acceptance testing
System Development: Developers build intended Phase 1 system
User Acceptance Testing: Project team tests system prior to deployment
System Rollout: Developers and Analysts rollout system and train users
Change Management: Analysts compile change requests from users and plan fixes, upgrades, and next release

Note: Timeframes for the above will vary greatly depending upon system complexity and organization size.

To learn more about implementation cycles, check out searchCRM's Best Web Links on Implementing CRM.

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