Two ways to calculate average handle time: At the agent level vs. queue/skill level

Some tools calculate average handle time (AHT) on a call center agent level (VAG), while some tools report AHT on queue/skill level (VQ). Get expert advice about calculating AHT in this tip.

I've heard about two ways to calculate average handle time (AHT). Some tools report AHT on an agent level (VAG)...

and some tools report AHT on queue/skill level (VQ). Which would you recommend for deriving an accurate volume forecast for an inbound call center?

To support forecasting, use the average handle time from your ACD on a queue or skill level. The exact calculation can vary slightly by ACD vendor, but it should be the total amount of Talk Time for a queue plus the Total After Call Work Time for the same queue, divided by the total number of calls handled in the queue.

AHT = Total ATT (for all handled calls) + Total ACW (for all handled calls) / Total NCH (Number of Calls Handled) AHT is used on an agent level to identify performance anomalies that may reveal coaching or training needs.

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