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Train call center agents and customers on using case numbers

Does using case numbers increase call length? Read advice from Lori Bocklund, call center expert.

In your opinion, is it a good idea to use case numbers in the call center, as opposed to just handling each call as a unique call? What are some pros and cons to consider? Is there any data on whether this increases or decreases call time?
Case numbers work well when customers can be "trained" to use them, or when you have good data and systems to track and retrieve previous contacts with this customer. You will need to define processes for many elements of the case lifecycle. For example, you need to ensure that call center agents are clear when a new case should be opened, and that ownership for closure and follow up is clear. Most people operating in these sorts of environments have good tools (e.g., CRM, or a ticket tracking system) to aid in the processes from creation of a case to closure and reporting. Bottom line – if you're going to move to cases, make sure you have the right tools and processes in place, and communicate effectively both with your staff and customers.

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