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Tips for calculating first call resolution (FCR) in the call center

What is the most common way of determining first call resolution (FCR)? How do you measure FCR? Learn the answers to these questions in this expert tip by Lori Bocklund.

I read your book, Call Center Technology Demystified. I have some questions: What is the most common way of determining...

first call resolution (FCR)? How do you measure FCR? And, should it be based on monthly or daily percentages?

There are a number of different ways to calculate FCR in the call center, none of them are perfect in my opinion, and I'm not sure there is a "most common" way. FCR needs to be defined based on available tools and an agreed to process and way to measure it for a given call center's environment.

Some will simply use call center agent questions ("Have I successfully addressed all your needs?"... "Is there anything else I can help you with?") or use agent perception to capture the outcome. Others will use contact records – either through phone call automatic number identification (ANI) matching, the contact tracking, or other means – to see if customers called back in a given time period, or to assess if the record was noted as closed (resolved) or escalated or noted for call back. Others use surveys or quality monitoring as a representative sample to assess overall FCR.

As far as the frequency for measuring FCR, that is something that should be defined as part of a metrics strategy. Generally you don't want to be too granular, as an off day with a problem (e.g., system availability) could result in poor performance. However, too broad a timeframe can disguise problems. Some will use a balance that looks at more granular timeframes but allows for a certain number of missed intervals.

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We are a Healthcare service providing company. We have a Help desk for both suppliers and our internal employees whom we call as affiliates. We have 3 intake channels for providing resolution to your suppliers and affiliates,i.e Call, Portal request and Chat. I like to know how we can calculate FCR for these 3 channels.