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Thoughts on open source CRM

What do you think of the various open source applications entering the market (i.e. SugarCRM) and how do they work exactly?
There's no mystery with open source software. The same old rules apply:
  • define your requirements
  • compare features & functions
  • verify facts with current users
  • You need to understand why open source is important to your requirements -- is it price, access to source code, unique features and functions, ability to customize? Open source programs are technically free, yet there's no such thing as a free lunch (have you heard that before?). You need to consider training, documentation, enhancements, bug fixes, and the entire infrastructure required to develop/test/run the system -- all the usual stuff that goes along with most software projects. Regarding "how they work" I recommend you read the brief article about open source software.

    For more information, browse our Learning Guide for Open Source CRM.

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