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The relationship of BI to KM

This may be a naive question ... but what is the relationship of business intelligence to knowledge management? Also, can you recommend a current paper or current research on the subject of business intelligence? Thank you for taking time from the demands of your professional schedule to consider these questions.

Your question is a legitimate one. Data warehousing itself, as an industry, has not done a good job of putting out common definitions within its domain. Vendors tend to dominate the direction of terminology and that's market-driven, not driven by a need for consistency.

As for papers and research on BI, surf on over to the BI section of SearchCRM at: https://searchcrm.techtarget.com/.

SearchCRM has organized Knowledge Management under BI and that's a good way to think about the relationship between the two. KM is internal-facing BI, sharing the intelligence amongst employees about how to effectively perform the variety of job functions required to make the organization go. Knowledge is managed using many BI techniques.

You'll find much more reading on KM and BI at the link. One favorite of mine on KM: https://www.cio.com/research/knowledge/edit/kmabcs.html#what.

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