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The pros and cons of hosted vs. on-premise SFA solutions

Our company is in the market for new SFA technology. What are the pros and cons of hosted vs. on-premise SFA solutions?...

First of all, whether you go with a 'hosted' vs. 'on-premise' solution is, in the grand scheme of things, one of the least important decisions you'll face. What's most critical is to align best with your business requirements - which hopefully you've outlined in great detail (the more, the better). Once you've taken those steps, the 'lease vs. buy' decision is strictly financial. Having said that, hosted SFA solutions generally offer a much quicker time-to-value and lower up-front financial risk. The downsides are that these solutions are generally more difficult (if not impossible) to both customize and integrate with existing systems. Again, all of this falls far behind business alignment/value, but these are the most typical 'pro and con' issues.


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