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The importance of having a strong relationship marketing strategy

How important is having a strong relationship marketing strategy in a company's change management structure?

Thank you for your question. Our experience is that a change management method or structure needs to have both stong communication and what amounts to strong relationship management. One of the key elements of change management is the accurate and timely communication of the nature of the upcoming change and its rationale (or business purpose). While communication about the change should be directed to all employees who will be impacted, special communication consideration must be given to those managers and employees whose personal acceptance of the change will be critical to the acceptance of others.

We recommend a thorough and detailed communication plan that very specifically targets these key employees who serve as opinion leaders or gatekeepers for the rest of the organization. (And one last caveat...change management includes much more than good communication plans and execution. Effective change management must address altered work processes, altered tools and equipment, and altered performance management elements like roles and training.)

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