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The difference between AHT and calls per hour

My company is an inbound call center. What is the difference between average handle time (AHT) and calls per hour as it relates to measuring a CSR's production?
AHT (Average Handle Time -- for our readers) and calls per hour are certainly related. However, there are some important considerations if you're looking for productivity measures. AHT is typically looked at across a broader timeframe than an hour. Some will measure it, while others prefer to just monitor it (trends up or down, anomalies, a flag for training?). It reflects the efficiency of an agent if you have a realistic target. Calls per hour is, in my view, a bit dangerous as a key performance indicator, because it could drive people to speed through calls and thus compromise service to the customer, or do worse things such as answer a call and hang up without saying anything - thus pegging a call but not serving the customer at all. Productivity measures should be considered carefully for the behavior they might create, and balanced with other metrics of quality and customer satisfaction.


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