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The chief customer officer and the customer experience

Organizations everywhere are hiring chief customer officers to lead their customer experience initiatives. Expert Lior Arussy explains the role of a chief customer officer in this expert tip.

I have heard that many organizations are hiring chief customer officers these days. How important are chief customer officers for managing and improving the customer experience?

Hiring a chief customer officer is a great step in the right direction for any organization. A chief customer officer usually oversee the customer's overall experience across all silos, and that is critical to improving the customer experience. Of course, the role of the chief customer officer is still evolving. In some companies the chief customer officer functions as a coordinator who is in charge of customer complaints. In other organizations the role is more operational and helps manage the customer service function.

Either way, having a chief customer officer is an important step -- they are responsible for holding the entire organization accountable for the total customer experience.

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