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The art and science of radio loyalty programs

Radio loyalty programs have been with us for some time now. I am very interested in any information or insight in using and increasing current databases within the radio stations' loyal listener program. I want to see what other programs have been used to drive these loyal listeners to media (radio) purchasing retail locations. I know that there is a bridge to cross in getting good data back to the radio stations database for future testimonials in putting together more programs to work with advertising retailers and proving that this media can drive traffic to their location(s). This in an effort to increase radio sales as well as pleasing the retailers who are using Media $$ & NTR to participate in each unique program tailored to their demographic.

Actually, this is a customer state of mind and advocacy issue for both the radio stations and their advertisers, with important monetization implications on each side. It also involves specialized database linkage and intended action modeling for both media and advertisers.

Our organization (NOP World) has developed a proprietary, highly accurate and actionable research technique for helping media clients identify listener decision-making dynamics around the kind of loyalty behavior you suggest. We are currently doing this work for several forms of electronic and print media (and their advertisers), including radio and if you would like more specific information, contact me directly.

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