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Telecommunications rep seeking help with customer churn

Customer loyalty expert Michael Lowenstein advises a telecommunications rep how to locate resouces and references to help with churn in this expert tip.

How can I go about locating reference customers in the telecommunications industry? I'd like to get in touch with other companies who are facing similar problems with customer churn and see how they have tackled this issue, by using a loyalty solution or not.
If you are interested in learning how companies stabilize, save, or recover customers in the telecommunications industry, my first suggestion is to read Customer WinBack, a book I co-authored in 2001. In the book, my colleague Jill Griffin and I identified several telecoms as examples of customer save and winback.

Additionally, I've had several marketing managers from Verizon and other telecommunicationscompanies participate in my customer winback and retention multi-day workshop conducted for the Direct Marketing Association. I'd be happy to provide names as sources for further information. Please contact an editor at SearchCRM.com who will get in touch with me for more information.

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