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Taking CRM to eCRM

How can the transition of CRM to eCRM take place?
The transition from CRM to eCRM begins with the desire to interact more directly and personally with customers, prospects, and partners. This might lead to initiatives that include Web self-service, instant messaging based support, Web based order-entry, and PDA supported Web content.

The common thread in these scenarios is the use of technology to facilitate simple, effective, and direct interactions with your target audience. Or, put differently, technology is used to eliminate the organizational barriers between your firm and its customers, prospects, and partners.

So, the transition to eCRM begins by thinking about how to best serve your customers, rather than providing information about the customer to the organization. This, incidentally, is good advice to both CRM & eCRM camps because all CRM and eCRM projects are ultimately measured by the impact they have on the firm's ability to attract and retain customers.

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